About Us

The Ratna Group has the backing of multiple decades of expertise in the industry through the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of MrMahendra Shah and MrJitendra Shah. Together, they have paved the way forward for the next generation in which we see can renewed dynamism and a better world view.

A unique dexterity in marketing grown from a fire to succeed and growth, supported by efficient administrative prowess and global level standardization on & off-site, has always kept the Ratna Group a step ahead from competitors. These are the respective strengths of MrKaivan Shah and MrMunir Shah, the next generation to take the group to new heights.

The experience of the group varies from land acquisition, authority liaisoning, planned development, identification of project types and locations as well as construction, development and maintenance of projects commissioned under residential, commercial, retail, plotting or industrial.

Ratna as a group stands by its promise of: Transparency in Transactions. Innovation in Design and Build-form. Standard procedures for Construction Methodology and On-site Safety . Value of Product to end-user beyond what promised.