Ratna Group Pioneers

Mr. Mahendra Shah

An entrepreneur with a far reaching vision who set up the fundamentals and principles that the Ratna Group today stands on. His expertise lies in construction using techniques which extract the best out of design and space availability through thorough planning.

He stands by his belief in creating a win-win situation for all, an important aspect vital to the Group, that has taken the group to such great heights.

Mr. Jitendra Shah

Equipped with an ability with numbers, MrJitendra handles the finances for the Ratna Group. From small transactions to major land acquisitions, as well as working out cost-feasibility for commissioned projects, everything related to money is completely managed under Mr. Shah’s guidance.

The Gen next at Ratna Group

Mr. Munir M Shah

Over the years, MrMunir has developed a keen eye that is able to ascertain acceptable construction quality, while maintaining developing standards and operating procedures both formally and informally through well-defined systems.

Mr. Kaivan J Shah

With his exposure in the industry and contemporary ideas, the Ratna Group is poised to stand tall even two decades hence. Following in his father’s footsteps of realizing the best for all involved, Mr. Kaivan J Shah’s expertise lies in marketing. From product identification to location relevance and then finally presenting it in the market aptly is an ability unique to MrKaivan who also oversees future business diversification.